What we do

We, at Best Interiors LTD, don’t believe in half-measures even the tiniest bit. When we start working on a refurbishment project, our goal is to complete it in the best way possible, while combining savvy design solutions, high-level craftsmanship, and using the best materials at hand. Moreover, our clients are always aware of how the project progresses, since we always stay in touch with them.

The Experience

London may be not as huge as New York City, but you can say that it has its own distinctive character, heritage, and culture. The same thing can be said about basically each and every city or town in the United Kingdom. We believe that you can spend many years studying the ways to refurbish and renovate wonderful UK homes to the highest standards possible. And this is exactly what Best Interiors have been and are doing.

The Team

At Best Interiors, we only hire craftsmen that are committed to providing the best work possible. As you may assume, such professionals are not that simple to find. This is basically one of the reasons, why we only take on a limited amount of projects at a time, as this way we are able to meet the same high standards in each of them.


Refurbishment services


Our philosophy is that property refurbishment should be performed with ultimate technique and skill. This is simply the way we achieve our impeccable results. We don’t just want to simply make your property look better, we eagerly desire to make it look perfect in every way.


We strongly believe in high standards. But, we also believe in delivering them as cost-effectively as possible. Our company is focused on providing savvy project management and we work out the best ways of tackling refurbishment and other repair processes to make them run nice and smooth.


Any property refurbishment project’s final weeks are critical. It always takes patience, skill, and a keen sight in order to achieve the flawless standards we think our clients deserve.


Refurbishment process



Premise Overview

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Before we get into any project development process, our refurbishment specialists have to take a look your premises. This step is crucial as it reveals the smallest details that even our clients can overlook.

Commercial Offer


Commercial Offer and Agreement

After overviewing the property that is soon to be refurbished, we prepare the project and commercial offer for the client. If the client agrees with everything provided and mentioned in it, we make an agreement, and they pay the advance for it.


Preparation for Works

This is where we gather the team and buy all the necessary materials. This is also the stage, when we reveal any of the tiniest details in the project that also need to be attended (if any at all).

Refurbishment Works


We start our refurbishment process on the agreed date and keep our clients updated on what’s going on with their property. Clients can visit their property and review the work at any time.


Project Delivery

This is the last stage of our refurbishment process. Our clients review all the performed works and pay the rest of the money for the accomplished refurbishment.